The Dog Show will again be organised and run under Kennel Club Licence. Whether you have a pedigree pooch or a loveable scruffy mutt; our Companion Dog Show, held under Kennel Club rules and regulations, is sure to include a class that’s perfect for your dog.

Please read our Dog Show competitor notes. If you have any questions about the Dog Show please contact Elizabeth Hale (

All Dog Show proceeds go to charities chosen by Winslow Show Committee.

Entries for all classes are taken on the day from 10.00am. Judging will begin at 11.00am. Rosettes awarded to 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th in all classes. No place cards.

Entry: £2/per entry for Pedigree classes, £1.50/per entry for Novelty classes.


PEDIGREE DOG SHOW CLASSES (judged by Paul Brown Bencana cairn Terriers)

Dogs or bitches

Class 1: Any variety pedigree puppy (trophy award)

dogs 6-12 month of age on date of show

Class 2: Any variety hounds and terriers

Class 3: Any variety gundog

Class 4: Any variety working and pastoral

Class 5: Any variety utility and toy

Class 6: Any variety pedigree veteran

 dogs to be age 7 years and over on date of show

Class 7: Any variety pedigree open

*All pedigree breeds eligible for classes 1, 6 & 7


All unbeaten winners from classes 1-7 (trophy award)


NOVELTY DOG SHOW CLASSES (judged by Jess Bliss Medical Detection Dogs)


Dogs or bitches excluding classes 13 & 14

Class 8: Junior handler (trophy award)

Handlers age 6 to 14 years – dog owned by exhibitor or exhibitor’s parents

Class 9: Cutest puppy

Dog 6-12 months on the date of the show

Class 10: Best condition

Class 11: Best rescue

Class 12: Best veteran

Dog 7 years+ on the date of the show

Class 13: Handsomest dog

Class 14: Prettiest bitch

Class 15: Waggiest tail

Class 16: Best trick

Class 17: Dog most like its owner

Class 18: Best crossbreed

Class 19: Best brace

BEST NOVELTY IN SHOW (trophy award)

All unbeaten winners from classes 8-19



  • Please keep dogs on a lead at all times
  • Do not leave dogs in warm vehicles – hot and thirsty dogs die in cars!
  • Be responsible all owners must clear up after your dog
  • No bitches in season
  • Dogs under 6 months old cannot enter
  • Dogs that have won the following awards cannot enter pedigree classes:
  • Challenge cert. or Champion award
  • Reserve Challenge cert.
  • Junior Warrant
  • Obedience cert. (Obedience classes only)

The Committee are not liable for any claim in respect of damage, accident or loss to competitors, dogs, spectators, vehicles or property in any way whatsoever.




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